Merger & Acquisition Services

One of TMG’s core service offerings is merger & acquisition (M & A) services. Our mission is to help clients not only achieve the highest value for their business but also to help them leave a lasting legacy. In July of 2016, Black Diamond Mergers & Acquisitions merged with TMG in order to provide a full-service offering to clients and investors desiring to acquire businesses and/or property. TMG’s intermediary M & A service provides client support for buy-side and sell-side projects. If you are a business owner and need to discuss a transition plan, TMG is the place for you. If you own a business and are looking to grow by acquisition, TMG is also the place for you. Let our experts work on your behalf.


Sell-Side Process

For the business owner, selling a business can be a stressful process and having a team of professionals guide you through every step is crucial for both the selling party and the buying party.

When we confidentially represent a business to potential buyers, we know that each buyer will value the selling business differently because of strategic synergies that might exist. The highest strategic value for any client will be derived from multiple companies competing for the strategic synergies – ones that make their brand and operations more valuable.


Typical Timeline for a Client Selling a Business:

Acceptance of Engagement Letter

Preparation of Seller Synopsis and Confidential Information Memorandum (2-4 weeks)
This process will include several conference calls and/or on-site meetings with you to help us gain a better understanding of the company. Upon completion we ask that you review both documents to ensure accuracy and your satisfaction.

Assembly of Targeted Buyers (2-3 weeks)
Any potential buyers you have in mind will be included in our list.

Market to Target Buyers (4-6 weeks)
Send out Seller Synopsis and Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”).

Accept Signed NDA and Distribute CIM (4-6 weeks)
Prospective buyers will have 30 business days to review the book.

On-site Buyer Meetings (2-6 weeks)
Conference calls will also be necessary during this stage.

Accept Preliminary Indications of Interest (2-4 weeks)
This will be a written non-binding indication with a price range they are willing to pay.

Review Letters of Intent (1-2 weeks)
This is a formal written offer with a specific price and details of the transaction.

Select Buyer, Negotiate the Transaction, and Sign Final Letter of Intent (2-4 weeks)

Buyer Due Diligence (more in depth than on-site visit) (4-8 weeks)

Document and Close Transaction (2-4 weeks)

* Many of the estimated time frames will overlap. We expect the process start to finish to last 4-12 months.


Buy-Side Process

Typical Timeline for a Client Selling a Business:

Select Preferred Location(s)

Generate List of Potentials

Source List via Database

Name, Address, Revenue Range, Location, etc.

Prepare Letter & Material

Take Calls and Emails from Potentials

Filter and Take Notes

Coordinate Initial Meetings

Schedule Travel

Arrange Logistics

Coordinate Every Detail

Rank Choices

Seller Signs NDA

Review Financials

Valuation of the Business

Draft Offer – LOI

Negotiate Offer

Engage Attorney

Negotiate Contract

Obtain Financing


Close the Deal

Transition Business